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Bus Danger Zones

The Danger Zones are areas on all sides of the bus where children are in the most danger of being hit. Children should stay 15 feet away from the bus or as far away as they can and never go behind the bus. Students should take 10 giant steps in front of the bus before crossing so the driver can see them.

Children should wait for a signal from the driver to cross in front of the bus. The driver will check to make sure that all traffic has stopped and the red lights are flashing before signaling students to cross. If the students drop something under or near the vehicle, they must tell the driver. NEVER stop and try to pick it up.

Parents can help, too! The safety of our students is the top priority for all of us. Currently the factor that contributes to the most injuries and death of students in the United States is the passing of school buses while students are loading or unloading. Please help to combat this.

  1. If a school bus is stopped on a street without a physical barrier dividing directional traffic, you must stop in both directions when the bus has its red lights flashing (this includes school zones.
  2. If a bus is stopped on a street with a physical barrier dividing directional traffic,  you must stop if you are traveling in the same direction as the bus.
  3. You must not proceed until the school bus has turned off the red lights and the bus resumes motion.
  4. You must obey the posted speed limit in all school zones.